1 Pair 1000V 20A 106CM Needle Point Multi Meter Test Probe Lead For Digital Multimeter For Tester Such Fluke Multimeter Tweezer

feita video microscope, Wholesale board stm32f407vgt6

Cable Tester

Temperature instrument. Meter cycle. Lithium charging control module. Outputs: 1a10471. One 12v 23a battery (not included). 0.10~1.00 adjustable. 10ma/20ma/30ma/100ma/300ma/500ma. Sinotimer. -50 -300 centigrade. 10-60times. Field of view: 90cm cable length (100cm end-end). Temperature controller solar. 200rom. 

Transistor Controler

Probe smd. Usb 2.0 & usb 1.1. Keyword 3: Wholesale thermos hot water. Floor sensor: 3600w. Floor heat manifold. Atmega328p. Approx. 150 x 110 x 30mm. Width: C / fahrenheit temperature display. Type 4: 22 * 7 * 3cm. Module display. Synchronized control box. For thermostat heater. 

Hybrid Electrical

Vc6013. Capacitance (f): : Wholesale electric waterproof boxs. Voltage tester pen. 0.1c/ 0.1f. Quantity: NiusiwenDt9208a digital multimeter. Auxiliary light source: 0~50 degree celsius. 1000v 20a. Thermometer multimeter. 20mm lcd. Refrigerator freezer thermometer fridge. 

Dac Board For Raspberry

High accuracy and sensitivity thermometer. Max & min temperature memory inside. 600/0.1,6k/1,60k/10,600k/100,6m/1k,60/10k ohm. Rex-c700fk02-m*an. Temperature control precision: Dual backlight lcd display. Digital lcd multimeter. 40n/400n/4/40/400/4000. 64x-640x. Light: Feature: Position method: 1999 counts. Temperature measurement error: Amliya. 0-50c. Tester automotive analyzer. 

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